10 Tips for a Healthy Mind

Doing well in post-secondary depends on a lot of factors. Personality, self-control, motivation and ability to cope are all important parts. It’s not surprising then that there is a link between and a healthy mind and doing well in school. SAIT cares and we want to help you make the most of your time here. At the Student Development and Counselling Centre (SDC), we know that there is no magic formula for reaching optimal health and wellness. It’s different for everyone. The good news is that there are things that you can do to to increase your mind’s health and increase your chance of reaching your academic goals.

Here are 10 tips you can try in order to achieve a healthy mind:

1.       Stay social. Maintaining positive connections will have an impact on your well-being. SDC is pleased to offer 7 Cups of Tea, an anonymous, on-demand well-being service where you can quickly reach out and connect with a trained, compassionate listener 24/7, in 40 languages, for FREE. You can also drop by SAITSA’s Peer Support Centre or join one of their Clubs. Additionally, the International Centre will be kicking off their Global Café (Sept. 27).

 2.       Mind your mind. SDC is pleased to be offering Therapist Assisted Online (TAO), an interactive platform to help you through everyday life challenges you may face. It’s FREE to all SAIT students. The Interfaith Centre will be hosting The Labyrinth in honor of International Day of Peace (Sept. 21), and SAITSA will be holding a Mental Health Expo for World Mental Health Day in the Irene Lewis atrium (Oct. 10), where you can browse SAIT services and community resources that support positive mental health. 

3.       Find your balance. It can’t be all work and no play. SDC will be hosting their Wellness Checks, traveling around the SAIT Main Campus and off-site locations in early November. You can complete the Wellness Check yourself here. Attend a SAITSA event and take a well-deserved break.

 4.       Stress less. Decreasing your stress can increase your academic performance. Join SDC at their Stress Less series (Sept. 18, 25, and Oct. 2) to develop a stress less plan and learn relaxation techniques. Procrastinating on starting that paper or studying for an exam? SAITSA’s Long Day Against Procrastination is taking place Oct. 15. The Library will be hosting their bi-annual Own Your Midterms week (Oct. 16-18). 

 5.       Get plenty of sleep. Time and time again, sleep has been tied to academic success. SDC’s Stress Less series Workshop #3 (Oct. 2) will focus entirely on sleep and how you can improve it. Check out SAIT Student Health 101 for useful articles on sleep (such as this one) and how to get enough of it.

 6.       Engage in physical activity. A healthy body = a healthy mind. Athletics and Recreation offers free skate (Mon – Thurs, 12-1); Shinny hockey (Mon – Thurs, 1-2), access to a saltwater pool, decked out gym, personal trainers, and workout classes. Check it all out here. 

7.       Mind what you eat. We know that eating nutritious, satisfying meals is important to keeping a healthy mind. But as students, time and money are sometimes both limited. SAIT Student Health 101 offers a ton of articles on how to eat healthy on the cheap, and SAITSA offers unbeatable prices on fresh produce at a student friendly price. Check out their Good Food Box. 

8.       Get informed. Curious about your drinking habits and how much is too much? Wondering how it compares to other Canadian post-secondary students? Check your drinking is a confidential online screening tool that can help you find out. Become informed on cannabis – the scene of cannabis consumption is about to change on October 17th when cannabis  is legalized. Check out provincial information here. SDC will also be hosting a jeopardy-style traveling trivia booth, keep an eye out for us in your building or campus! 

9.       Set yourself up for success. The Lamb Learner Success Centre (Lamb) is exactly that – an all-under-one-roof centre designed to ensure you succeed. Want to learn important study skills or how to ace your next multiple choice exam? Stop by Lamb and meet with an academic coach. Need accommodations? Accessibility services can help with that. Looking tutoring services? We can help with that too! Financial stress can weigh heavy on your mind and impact your well-being. Check out a wealth of information available on finances in SAIT Student Health 101, meet with a financial advisor, and attend Funding Advising’s Financial Awareness Fair on November 29. You can also apply for student awards through Alumni and Development. 

10.   Get involved. Chinook Lodge will be hosting weekly cultural teachings on Wednesdays. Don’t forget your orange shirt! Chinook Lodge will also be participating in Orange Shirt Day on October 1st . Stop by the lodge to pick up your shirt today and support them in educating and promoting awareness about the residential school system and the impact this system had on Indigenous communities. Student Employment and Career Centre has a golden opportunity. SAIT’s co-curricular record is an excellent way to showcase the skills you gained outside the classroom to prospective employers.

Remember, this is just a fraction of all of the great stuff that happens here at SAIT to help you succeed academically. Keep an eye out throughout the year for tips, workshops, and events from the Student Development and Counselling team and their My Mind Matters campaign. We’ll reach out in person at various events, on posters around campus, and through SAIT Student Health 101. You may also notice our OWLs (Outreach and Wellness Leaders) around campus. They’ll be donning a red sleeveless SAIT hoodie. Take a minute to say hi and see if they have any goodies! To book an appointment, call us at 403.284.7023 or stop by our office in Heritage Hall (AA205). Our service is confidential and free to current SAIT students.

Also check out the sait.ca calendar for an up-to-date listing of all events, activities and workshops that are offered throughout the year by the various student resources on campus.